Asian Fortune Global Forum 2010 Chinese New Year promotion of fruitful

Since June this year, Asian Fortune Global Forum, the Organizing Committee announced to the outside world will be held in December 2010, Asian Fortune Global Forum, the forum has caused widespread concern in the mainstream economic circles and great response since the Chinese New Year, has attracted many well-known economicscientists attracted attention, including Professor of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, the central bank's policy monetary Board LiDaoKui School of Shanghai Jiaotong University overseas financial director of the Institute of Golden Rock, CEIBS Professor Xiaonian, and to attract the country nearly50 cities in the leadership of close attention. It is understood that the forum "urban sustainable development and innovation dialogue summit will discuss sustainable urban development under the new situation.

  The forum in the promotional activities of the past three months, media coverage and advertising at the same time to carry out nearly 70 mainstream financial media, such as the CCTV network, International Business Daily, Xinhua, Tencent, China economic Weekly, investors, the figures of the century the Chinese urban economy, the international Financial Times, villas, yachts, Gold life.


In addition, this forum is also a major economic conference to promote, network operators General Assembly such as Hangzhou, Shanghai Art Fair, the sixth section of the wine, ASEAN Expo, Ningbo Fashion Festival, the World Economic Forum, Fifteenth Ningbo international Housing Expo, the National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair. As of the end of September, the current General Assembly organizing committee with 15 sponsors and co-operation with a cooperation agreement.


    It is worth mentioning that the original dialogue summit "of the real estate set up this forum as an independent forum" Real Estate Annual Meeting "the central and local, will attract nearly 300 real estate enterprises to participate in the dialogue, which will also become the a major highlight of the Forum.


Asian Fortune Global Forum, the Secretary-General Zhu Liwen said, 2010 will be a at a forum in the mainstream financial forum the most professional, largest, most influential, will promote China's economic and social development platform and wisdom.


He welcomed the wealth of the elite at home and abroad, gather once again in the Huangpu River, witnessed the world new glory under the new situation of China's economy!