Fujian Strait Blue Economic Experimental Zone development plan approved

25, 2009, the Fujian Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department published the full text after the State Council approved the "Fujian Strait blue economy pilot area development planning. It is reported that, as one of the core city of Fujian Province, planning to Xiamen City, a number of important task.

"Plan" clearly, the fight for the 2015, Xiamen Port cargo throughput of 200 million tons and container throughput of 10 million TEUs; same time, accelerate the construction of Xiamen, Xiamen has become a national logistics node city.

"Planning" Xiamen yacht industry's future development goals - relying Dongdu International Cruise Terminal Center, adjust and optimize the part of the shoreline, perfect logistics services and supporting facilities meet the standards of international cruise, vigorously carry out domestic and international cruise routes and The purpose of the route, and promote the development of Xiamen to the formation of the international Cruise Home Port. "Plan" put forward to promote the enterprises to establish yacht technology research center, creative base, pilot base, the development of high-end yachts varieties to create an important base for China's yacht manufacturing. Xiamen yacht industry to promote the introduction of a national testing center, to attract and nurture science and technology intermediary service institutions of various types of yachts.

, Xiamen, but also to build a yacht recreational sports base, yacht tourism, water sports, sailing race, yacht exhibition and other activities. "Planning" To Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Yacht the Yacht Harbor International Exhibition Center, build water yacht sailing bonded warehouses, and gradually establish a set Yacht secondary market, the accessories yacht market, yacht aftermarket, yacht showcase yachts distribution center to build the yacht trading center; strengthen collaboration with the industry of Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, to grow yacht industry cluster together to create a set of yacht manufacturing, industrial R & D is one of the yacht industry base.